The Ingredients Included in Christie Brinkley’s Recapature 360

This short article goes straight to the point. You could just say that it goes to the heart of the matter. But what is really happening here is that it is going skin deep on Aussie celebrity Christie Brinkley’s world famous recapature 360 skin care product range. Going direct to the source, this article highlights Ms Brinkley’s important product ingredients. Brief notes are passed on to readers on what each ingredient does for the skin.

These terms may seem archaic or quite scientific, but do not worry about that. Focus on what these formidable ingredients do for the skin’s health. And enjoy your short read here. It is also always a good idea to gain some knowledge and understanding of such important ingredients. Such information is not always easy to decipher on skin care products in general. Systenol A is quite a powerful ingredient. It is able to reverse the dastardly effects of brown spots, crow’s feet and wrinkles.

The circumvention of these blights is effective because it is tackled at cellular level. Elix IR is necessary to combat the brown spots that are typical for those women (and men) that are prone to spending long hours in the sun due to their lifestyles and occupations. This ingredient activates the skin’s ability to defend itself against the sun’s harsh UV rays. Aquaxyl is a refreshing ingredient because it helps to retain the skin’s moisture.

This is good for keeping the skin supple and firm and attractive looking. Mitostime promotes the necessary production of collagen. The result is a thicker, smoother and healthier looking skin. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant that is derived directly from the skin of grapes. And glycolic acid is also being used in the formation of collagen. In high concentrations, this ingredient is helpful in giving nourishment to the skin’s cells.

recapature 360

Finally, superoxide dismutase prevents the excessive breakdown of collagen. This breakdown typifies the formation of wrinkles. Just a handful of ingredients have been mentioned thus far. This should also be nourishing food for thought, wouldn’t you agree. But do make a mental note that the utilization of a recommended skin care product range like recapture 360 will only be successful if the users have followed all application and preparation instructions to the letter.

For instance, cleansing the skin naturally before application of recapture 360 is essential. But the cleansing process is quite simple. All that is needed is a dab of lukewarm water on a soft, clean facecloth. The areas of the skin will be cleansed. When applying the serum or lotion to the facial area it is recommended that the skin on the neck is cleaned and moisturized as well. Because this area will also be exposed to the sun.

Healthy lifestyle changes are also recommended. This may not please those who are regular smokers, but giving up this unhealthy habit is well worth a shot. Also, drinking lots of water is essential.