Is Truthfinder Accurate? You’ll Have to Decide for Yourself

Whether you want to do a background check to see if there are any registered sex offenders living near you or you want to see what information is out there about you, Truthfinder might be your best bet. The question “Is Truthfinder accurate?” is something that should immediately come to mind. In order to find the answer to that question, there are many review websites out there.

Is Truthfinder accurate

Sometimes it’s easy enough to run a background check on yourself to see if it’s accurate.

I decided to give it a go today and see what happened. Here is my experience.  Take it for what you will.

At first, the algorithm couldn’t find me. I have been married twice, and so I have had three different legal last names in my life. Of course, I tried to find myself with my current legal name. But it wasn’t happening. So I searched for my maiden name. I wasn’t there. I found myself under the married name that I haven’t had in five years. Nor did I have that name when I was living in the state I’m in. Yet, Truthfinder had my current husband listed as my spouse, and my maiden name as my alias. None of this was inaccurate, and getting all of it perfectly accurate would have been astounding. I’ll chalk up a good point.

Truthfinder proceeded with the search and came up with a claim that I had a criminal history. That was news to me! I’m pretty sure I would have remembered being arrested. The site then went on to clarify that this could also mean a traffic ticket. I certainly remember getting those, so chalk another point up for them.

As the search continued (it takes about five to ten minutes for this search), little questions would pop up.  One asked if I thought that this person I was searching was violent. Another wanted to know if I thought I was related to some other person that I’ve never heard of. After answering each question, I was thanked for helping them make their searches more accurate. Good for them for asking, but what my opinions have to do with accuracy, I don’t know.

When I got to the end, it told me all the things that would be included in my report. It said there was a Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter account it had found. It also claimed to have found forgotten profiles on other unnamed sites. I have many social media accounts, so I have no doubt they found me. Chalk up another point.

They then wanted me to subscribe for a month to their services in order to get this report. I decided not to do that because I really hadn’t thought about a person I’d like to get info on. I think I’ll try it again another day – maybe on my neighbor?

They have pretty good reviews on other websites, so maybe I’m just more difficult because I have three last names. You’ll have to try it for yourself.